Trinity Vineyards

It was late 1993 when my wife and I first discussed making our dream a reality. Both of us dreamed of living in the country, starting a small vineyard and raising a family. With the fast pace of daily life and job pressures, we took longer than anticipated but finally got to the point where we thought, it’s now or never. After an extensive search, we finally found what we’d been looking for — an old vineyard for sale out in the hilly, farm country south of Salem.

And then the real work began. At first we thought we could revive the plants and bring the original vineyard back to life, but that was not to be. Too much over growth and too much plant loss would have meant too much work for a wine of limited expectation. We decided to start over and plant a whole new vineyard from scratch. We were heartbroken at first, but eventually, we came to see it as an opportunity to start our own dream — a clean slate from which to start fresh.

It was our love for this country around Salem, our love of wine and our love for each other that got us through the work. That, and a lot of help from friends and family. We pulled every plant and every post with a chain and a tractor — spare time and weekends were spent in the vineyard.

Many people ask why “Trinity”? Was it mountain peaks in California, or a spiritual influence? Well, perhaps a little of the latter as we are thankful for many things, but the truth is nothing quite so grand. The name came to me as I watched my wife and daughter walking down the rows of new plants, tending the vines and checking the new growth.

It was just the three us; thus the name, “Trinity”.

From this rocky start we find ourselves today the proud owners of our dream vineyard. It is planted in Dijon clones of Pinot Noir with tight plant spacing. The vineyard has an extraordinary southern exposure and the Jory Hill soils help to make our vineyard a success. It’s been far more work than we thought, has cost more money, and there’s never quite enough time to get things done, but we love it, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are excited to bring fruit-forward, award-winning wines from our vineyard to your glass.

Steve Parker